Welcome to mailglu, an automated marketing platform offering bespoke, enterprise level features to companies of all sizes. Working seamlessly 24/7 our product is malleable to suit your needs, offering a user experience guaranteed to work for your company, regardless of size or purpose. Improve relations with your existing customers and recruit new ones with an innovate, state of the art approach to email marketing.   

Invigorate your online customer interaction with our email creation system. We offer a variety of alluring designs that can be tailored to suit your individual needs to most effectively target your consumer base. Use our integrated template builder, with a familiar and easy to use drag and drop interface, or choose from a wide range of hand crafted pre-existing templates to produce the perfect product.

Define your marketing strategy through the intuitive process designer- built to react and engage automatically by delivering automated messages and enabling the seamless completion of other process tasks.

Automatically import new recipients and data from your existing website, e-commerce or CRM with our integration platform. Subsequently organise and filter your data using mailglu’s advanced data management features though the use of location information, tagging, and value attributes to segment your recipients into custom lists.

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“At ETS we pride ourselves on customer service, reputation and value for money.  Mailglu has some very advanced features that has allowed us to target customers with special offers, competitions and other services such as automated, personalised MOT & Service reminders which gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors”

Matt Eden, Eden Tyres & Servicing

“We’ve used email marketing services before but they just don’t give the same flexibility and power that we see with Mailglu.  The connection between our ecommerce sites and bespoke office systems with Mailglu has helped us target and engage with people in ways we didn’t appreciate possible.”

Sam Hudd, DIPT

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Message Design To Make the Right Impression

Creating a good impression of your business to potential or existing customers is key to building a fruitful relationship.   With mailglu you define what information  you want to convey to your contacts through pre-determined messages using the easy to use Drag and Drop interface or create from scratch using the HTML editor.

Your messages are then sent in a timely and efficient manner to ensure your message is delivered to your recipients desktop, web browser or mobile device via email, SMS or push notification.  Start with a selection from our range of pre-defined strategy templates, created by our sales strategy experts, or build your own for ultimate flexibility based around your business goals.

responsive emails

Marketing Automation

Mailglu Process Automation

Campaigns Working For You

Apply actions and rules based on your business processes that you define using the powerful rule processing system.

Create scheduled jobs to import lists from your website, ecommerce site or back office system and assign rules to be automatically actioned on events you define such as new subscribers or ecommerce orders.

Integration With Your Website, CRM and Back Office Systems

Getting data into mailglu is a breeze with the import system and handles CSV (comma separated files) to create your recipient lists.   Whats more, you can link your external data such as your web site, your ecommerce store, CRM system or other back office systems to automatically bring in data without you getting involved.

We have a range of ready to go integration options for the most popular systems such as WordPress or Office365 plus automatic CSV file import over FTP and data feeds.  If your system is bespoke or not supported we offer a powerful API for custom integration.

Once set up you can schedule the import to happen daily and, coupled with the automation engine, in mailglu you can process your campaigns automatically.




integration system examples

Targeting Marketing Through Advanced Segmentation

segmentation is easy with Mailglu

Your marketing message will hit home if you send the right message to the right people.  To achieve this you can speak directly to your target audience based on their viewpoint and interests.

Our powerful segmentation data system let’s you interrogate your recipient data to categorise and filter contacts for real-time processing or into manageable lists.  This provides an in-depth control of what message gets sent, when they are sent and to whom.

Search by data value, tag or location and create as many custom lists as you require over multiple campaigns.  You can even include advanced rules in campaigns to determine what to send in real-time.



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