Free Email automation with Mailglu

We’ve made integration even easier with Mailglu’s revolutionary new email processing system.  If your website, ecommerce or external system is able to send you an email notification you’ve got a ready made import process to Mailglu.

What makes Mailglu special is at it’s core is a full automation system that acts and reacts to events that are generated by external systems.  So, for instance, you get a subscriber on your website – you will want to automatically insert these subscribers into a working list which is then processed further, either later on with bulk email or acting upon events in the automation system.

Getting that data into the system in the first place though is easily said than done.  There’s a multitude of external 3rd party systems out there, from CMS’s, ERD’s, accounting systems to a bespoke systems and each has their own API and access mechanisms to export data to systems such as Mailglu.  Then you’ve got external components to the system itself such as Ninja Forms in WordPress or cloud based list builder services such as Sumome or Hello Bar.  Some even charge for the privilege of exporting data through API’s.

So, what usually happens to import data is for a software developer to write a special import routine, particular to the system you’re getting data from.  This is reasonably painless if the system has a powerful and accessible API (Application Programming Interface) but here at Mailglu we’ve been asked to import to from all sorts of systems including old mainframe systems where this sort of access just isn’t available.  We don’t give up that easily though and have come up with a number of ways to connect to external systems such as FTP import of CSV file or to our own Mailglu API to allow other developers to push to us.  All in all, here at Mailglu we’re pretty good at integrating with most systems but maybe there is another way, an easier way….introducing Mailglu’s email processing service.

Most systems will send you some form of email notification when something happens like a form is completed or your get a new subscriber.  So, what if you could CC this email to us and we process the email for you automatically and add the contacts details to a list of your choosing, ready to process with automation.  Well, that’s exactly how Mailglu’s email processing service works and whats more it’s free to all customers of Mailglu.

It only takes 5 minutes to set up and once done everything magically gets taken care of leaving you to concentrate of engaging with your customers.  So, no further ado, take these steps to get started:

  1. Go to the List -> Data Sources section of Mailglu and choose the Mailglu Processing item.
  2. Select the list (create one if you need to).
  3. Now you’ll see the field mappings listed.  For each one you’re receiving in the email add the relevant text for that item.  So, for instance, if you have the line  ‘Email:’ as a field in the email enter ‘Email:’.
  4. The Tag line takes a comma separated list of items and adds these as tags to the recipient.  This is useful if you’ve got a checkbox form for ‘interests’ and want to record what the recipient has selected.
  5. Once done. Save the data source and you’ll be taken back to the Data Sources screen.
  6. Now Edit the Data source you’ve just created.   The Data Source screen will load so you can edit it.
  7. You’ll see now the email address field is filled in.  Select this and copy this.
  8. Now go to your website or system and add this email in the To or CC: field.
  9. Press Save and that’s it, any emails sent will be processed automatically.

As you can see it’s really simple to set up and once active any emails sent to our specified address is added to Mailglu for you.   You can specify which list it gets added to and then any campaigns which are using that list get the new recipient event (or “Add To List” event) in the automation engine so you can then do a multitude of things from there.


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