After producing Mailglu we’ve been enjoying seeing how people are using the system and the innovative and imaginative ways they use Mailglu to enhance their marketing.

We feel very fortunate that feedback for Mailglu has been extremely positive and we actively encourage feedback and have had some suggestions by customers which we’ve taken on board and will be introducing over the coming months.

Here’s a couple of forthcoming updates to whet your appetite:

  • A new scheduling management screen is being introduced providing you with the ability to see what jobs/actions are coming up, bulk message campaigns, tasks etc. And you’ll also be able to dynamically amend these actions before they happen.
  • There will be more campaign reporting options letting you dig even deeper in your customers behaviour.
  • Campaigns (and bulk sending of emails) will be made even more powerful by sub categorising lists even further before sending.  And these will be directly reflected in the campaign statistics as well.  With this we’ll also be adding A/B (or even A/B/C/D/E!) testing support as well as part of these developments.  This proposes to be a very powerful feature which we’re excited about.
  • The CRM and task management capability of Mailglu will be getting some major updates.
  • We’ll be introducing a new product called Shareglu to handle your social networking.  It’ll be integral to Mailglu too.  We’ll post another article about this with more details….think Hootsuite on steroids!
  • We’ll be doing other stuff as well including further tweaking of the email template/message creator and further enhancements to media mode.

If you’re already a customer we’ll let you know when the new features are available to you automatically.   If you’re not a customer, why not sign up to our newsletter or better yet, sign up for the free trial of Mailglu.

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