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We’ve built Customer Relationship Management Systems and have created a Bulk Email System capable of sending out millions of emails a week so we know what’s good, what’s bad and what could be better. We wanted to create a system that is useful, is easy to use and most importantly will improve your marketing message and business productivity. Mailglu is the result. Built from the ground up mailglu is an email and marketing solution designed to get the message your business is trying to convey out to your customers and beyond… and continue doing that automatically.


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Calling Creative Agencies

Do you manage campaigns for multiple clients?

Mailglu is designed to be controlled by you as an agency to allow flexible content creation, client and protected lists, as well as account management billing.

Having worked in this environment ourselves we know handling multiple clients using other marketing solutions is a time consuming process.  To this end Mailglu supports the following extended features to creative agencies and organisations managing multiple clients.

  • As the agency you have the controlling account.   It is you who invites the client to join and you can control their access.
  • Billing and tariffs are on a per client basis.  We send invoices direct to the client if you wish.
  • You have access all features of your clients account and help set up messaging and rules on their behalf.
  • You can upload data and segment data for each client.
  • You can share special protected recipient lists with your client without them seeing the contact data.
  • You can invite clients to join and have access to their account including messages, rules and data.

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